A Note From Teambera

We are currently on tour around the South but we are not stopping there! Our team of actors and actresses are phenomenal and are all from Jackson, Mississippi and the surrounding area. They are Keneshia Anderson, Aurrione Jones, Ty A. Patterson, Tyra Patterson, Levettea Stiff, Rashundra Powell, MaTera McCollum, Cord Short, Demarius Brown, Lohn Lenoir, Trey Smith, J Struktuur, Devante Horton, and Natalie Hill and we are still adding to our family. There is so much talent here, singers, comedians, celebrity make-up artists, authors, and rappers. They are truly talented and amazing!

I believe it is very important to show different perspectives in visual arts. Female writers and directors are a minority in the entertainment industry. We have so many incredible stories to tell and each have unique ways of telling them. To bring these stories to life and to reach millions, we are in need of help. The funds raised will be used for small studio and filming space, more quality film equipment, travel, continuing education and training, and marketing and distribution.

Our team is amazing!! We are super excited about the journey and about bringing new faces to the entertainment and film industry!! That title seems as though it’s not for men, right? WRONG!! It was written for both genders! This play is hilarious, highlighting real life issues, and bringing an encouraging message that’ll do your spirit some good. I feel that if it's not helping someone, then it’s not apart of my purpose. If you have not seen it , we invite you to catch one coming near you but we will end this tour soon. At that time, we will start filming and working on the next production!

I have been writing since I was 16. So my perspectives in writing come from different phases of life, others experiences, and skill building in writing. Not only that, I study some of the top names in the industry. I’m inspired and ready to put my work to work as well as put others talents to work too. Women, like myself, have so much to offer.

The road so far has been fun but a lot of hard work and learning from mistakes, but we need your help. Please also follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @waregirlproductions or send us an email to admin@waregirl.com for inquiries. Come back and visit the site if you would like to keep up on the latest!

Thank you for reading and supporting our mission. Be blessed!

Teambera Ware
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