About Us


Ware Girl Productions was established in 2018. We serve through the performing arts. We have met people from state to state and of all walks of life. We strongly believe in our work and our mission. We look forward to meeting you at one of our next events and that something is said or done that is sure to change your lives and ours; that will have us all leaving with an intriguing conversation on the drive home.


-It's Not About Us 

Meet Teambera

Teambera Ware is a mother, an educator, a writer, and a faith-based, motivational speaker. She began writing at the age of 16 but did pursue it professionally until 2018 with her first published stage-play, "Lyric: Falling In Love With All The Wrong Men", that traveled in and out of her home state of Mississippi.

Teambera's writings are faith-based in a nontraditional way. She and her team of 16 cast mates bring the words to life that are meant to be hilarious but full of truth that everyone is sure to relate to. She believes one of her purposes is to change lives through meaningful conversations, writings, and performances. 

She also writes weekly  inspirational blogs to encourage today's women. If you would like to subscribe to her blog, go to www.teamberaware.com

She coined the company motto, "It's Not About Us", because she believes we must decrease so that He may increase and if our job is to truly serve we must not make it about us but about the people. She also believes that He takes us from glory to glory by going through the wilderness and through service to others. So she counts everything all joy.

Meet the writer, Teambera Ware